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Friday, 27 May 2016

A Friend is in need, indeed

One whoever comes or talks to us not to be called as a friend in my opinion.A human being   needs congenial atmosphere to fulfil his wishes or to get  things done.That's why ,wherever it could be, in the journey by  bus or train or anywhere people tend to behave nice in manner and they knew it ,in the short period of the journey if we behave soberly, there will be no unnecessary complications and we could have a good talk,pleasant ambiance and which would be good for all.Once we got down and home,no matter however great he was, conveniently forget to immerse in our daily routine.Because we know at our heart some relationships are bound to be like that in the life.Acquaitances maybe the right word for them.Of course ,sometimes we end up with having a great person as our companion and it could last life long freindship but it happens very rarely.

There are many kinds of friends. Friends for longer time and friends for shortest time in brief. Having similar thinking about things brings people closer.To sustain such relation,one has to make some small sacrifices.Such as honoring  other's thoughts and tolerating unharmful mistakes and so on.Not only that financial issues play a vital role, even between any kind of great friends.There should be a give and take policy in such affairs.Always try to give in return in any form for what you have received.

Being with a person who have same wavelength is wonderful and a thing of beauty is truly enjoyed with a participation of friends only, unless friends to whom you share your anxieties and  happy moments with..?That relives a great tension and it's helpful to our mind also.Some secret matters could be discussed with true friends only instead of our parents.And not only that your success and glory can be publicized by your friends' word.You can't boast of yourself all the way and it seems ugly too.Am I right..?