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Tuesday, 7 February 2023

Fate, a jackbooted enemy For Vani Jayaram


Every music lover stunned and shocked hearing the tragic death of Smt.Vani Jayaram. She needs no introduction as a sweet youthful voiced singer and sang in many languages, be it film songs or private albums, her name is as popular as any celebrity belonged to the movie field, without having any doubt. The 72 year old singer died in her downtown Chennai apartment like an unknown and non descript person. She was alone and there was no one to say what really happened inside. She laid down with injuries on the body. The Police said there was no foul play in her death and cctv footage too supported it. Let's hope it was happened so.

In the old age, living lonely, is indeed a tough part of life. Especially in India with no kind attitude towards childless woman is sometimes a soft target for money minded relatives. Who knows, anything can happen, however great the person to the outside world. Vani Jayaram blessed with a unique voice that is very difficult to compare with any other singer. National awards, State level awards and titles like Padma bhushan came to her and she deserved all of them. She could perhaps be a well known singer who was hit by inside politics of Bollywood and later in the south too. However she managed to sing almost 10000 songs for her credit.

Many people are not aware that she worked in the State bank of India. After working in Chennai, Mumbai and other places, switched to the full fledged profession of  singer with the support of her husband and created history despite of many odds. Bole re pappy hara song in Hindi and Ennenno janmala bandham song in Telugu and many many sweet numbers like that to reckon. How many songs can we talk about..? There are innumerable gems. She left a rich legacy behind. And she lives forever through it.