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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Yet another English daily

Telengana Today,an English daily launched in Hyderabad newly in this month,however a happy note after Deccan Chronicle and The Hans India, this is too owned by a Telugu speaking family.In fact,already DC was playing the lead role among the English dailies in the state.Hindu,Indian Express,Times of India,Hindustan Times have their own fair share of circulation.A Big fight has to be seen in near future.Maybe,Telengana Today withstands in it due to its background.There was a grapevine depicting beside this publication is none other than KCR family.Already his group has a Telugu daily Namaste Telangana and A TV Channel to support the government and party activities.Having an array of publications is not new for politicians.Or politics- connected industrialists.

Ramoji Rao possessed a biggest empire of many industries,of course Eenadu,the Telugu daily reigns in vernacular ones.Every kid knows that Ramoji is the kingpin in the party of Telugu Desam,though he was not seen in open.Perhaps to defend their own sides,KCR too foresighted in expanding their own publications because he knew how a paper evolve opinion of  the common people,one thing should be remembered that Ramoji group failed running an English daily "News time" some years back.And it was closed by now.

English reader psyche is different.His priorities and sensibility is unlike the Telugu daily reader.Most of  the Telugu dailies bluntly support caste based and party based issues,that can be perceived by a layman without any doubt.Sakshi Telugu daily stands in second position.Andhra jyoti in the third position which varied district to district.That's how Telugu dailies are living with their agendas.But with English dailies,things are different,how far this new daily will endure is a question mark..? Market of English dailies not so big ,particularly in the state,by name, it's clear it has to be in the limits of Telangana and to survive.