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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Vana Bhojanaalu

This is the season of Karthika Vana bhojanaalu or a month for mass meals in the open nature.People go to nearby groves or forest like places to have their meals and exchange warmth among the fellow beings irrespective of any differences.But nowadays the habit turned showcasing caste power.This long lasting traditional festive occasion has become caste wise meetings tinged with some fun and sumptuous meals.

Now,The Kammas,Reddys,Kapus,Padmasali,Goud and other several communities are engaging Vana bhojanaas on caste basis.Some people argue that these would be served as good occasions to meet unknown people of their own community and discuss all matters about the common good.Politicians and other people use this occasion to promote themselves.Of course,sometimes political strategies and polarization made for the interests of their communities.

Some progressive outfits oppose this kind of caste wise meetings in the name of Vana bhojanaalu.The very purpose of it is quite different with the present scenario.Meetings like these evoke unwanted results and superstitions.So they keep organizing these functions with the participation of  all different communities.They are inserting ads and propagating caste free Vana bhojanaalu.Momentum is getting in to action.