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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Swati day - Southern Railway announcement

It's a commendable announcement from Southern railways that they had announced "May1" as Swati day.The day for observation for safety measures.On the wake of bomb blast at Chennai central the announcement came,to commemorate the death of the teen age software engineer in such a fateful incident.She has to be married within two months.And she was coming from Bangalore to Guntur along with her first month salary to spend with fer family.Paruchuri Swati (24) was a software engineer with TCS,Bangalore.Appointed just six months back.

See,how dreams were shattered in a fraction of second,be it of her's or parents.No way she was related to the idea of bombing, but she sat in the seat where the bomb planted.Result,an innocent life has gone in to air.

Swati was belonging to Guntur of Andhra pradesh.It's renowned for business and educational coaching centres.It's an happiest sign that.nowadays,most of the girls,being graduated in engineering keep going on to farther places in search of coveted jobs.Well paid and good life.

As A.P. is emerging as a hub of engineering colleges,number of girls are also going out of state and even country for their employment,thus they get suitable grooms as well.In fact,in some communities, grooms are ready to give dowry to girl's family.That's how things had been changed in the new scenario.In IIT institutions also Andhra boys and girls are ruling the roost.Be it in U.S. or Europe can come across number of software professionals hailed from the state.

In such a situation,Paruchuri Swati ,the young techie with flying colors,joined TCS,Bangalore and in return journey she met her fate to become herself pieces.I appreciate Southern Railway officers to announce the day in memory of  the poor soul,Swati.