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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Spoof Star Sampoo

(Sampoo or Sampoornesh babu)

This must be the time for the spoof actors,in almost every south Indian cinema witnessed at least one promising guy of that kind emerged.Audience too enjoyed a great deal of their imitation of so called super stars.Sampoornesh babu is making ripples in Telugu industry now.He doesn't have any super features a star should have.A comic invoking face and ordinary personality all the assets he possessed are themselves only.His first movie was "Hrudaya kaleyam" (tag line, a kidney with a heart),It sounds as a most crazy not it..?The movie was also the same.The entire movie ridiculed the common rotten dialogues which usually uttered by super stars of Telugu filmdom.Not only that,their useless and funny crap attitudes too were spoofed with a cranky style.

He must be the borne spoof star of Facebook,because his profile got more than 10 lakh likes for his first picture.Now he has been acting in two movies "Singam123 and Kobbari matta",those could be spoofs of already proven and hit cinemas.One is against Surya and another Rajani kant, it seems so through the trailers available.  Already Chiranjivi fans manhandled the director of Sampoo's first movie.They thought he mimicked their super star in undue manner.

In Malayalamm also,we are hearing about Santosh Pundit.And Srinivasan in Tamil movies.They might not have big future and their movies might not have proved super classics.But they have their own class in spinning collection instantly.Sampoo's first movie collected in a big way no cine pundits ever guessed it.And his two movies are ready to come out very soon,let's see ..what happens..!