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Saturday, 21 May 2016

Some times secrecy does matter a lot...

In a day to day life,we used to meet many people on different grounds.Be it in college or post college days.happen to have shared our views.ideas and other future plans with so called friends and nearest persons,sometimes other known persons with open heart.Because consequences of that action are not known or unable to understand in a right spirit.Especially we were bound to believe every one and naive of worldly things.I mean not in the position of understanding how things keep happening with using or twisting other's ideas.After having thrusts or lessens from outer world we start learning realities about the people,especially the need of being restrained in some personal issues,maybe it is of business,life plans or money.

Why it all should not be learnt in the school or college life..?There are lot of things concerned to places,persons,sums,science and etc., in our curriculum all to be read and written with blind rot memory and it lacked real life experiences ,which is the essence of knowledge,the day to day transaction in the world must be known from the earliest of age.No book,no lesson in our curriculum says the importance of money and its saving and creating ,once the guy came out of the college he starts feeling the real form of surroundings..!But time seemed up by then.He confused with true world and bookish world.He has to face many things unexpected,many traumas to undergo,though he was called an educated for the name sake.

In my opinion,at the college level,pupil  should be given some money and make them travel at least one other state to have his own experiences,whether it is bad or good,should be treated as a project work in which he has to write his train or bus journey details,ticket taking details,co- travelers details,negative impressions,positive impressions,and all other intricate details should be collected from the pupil in oral and written forms.Like this ,all pupil ,when exchange their own experiences,that can be a great spirit borne from  real and practical world and which will be the resource for the future life to tackle with real life experiences ,when things come across he never tumbled upon or see for someone else,Not only that he learns the inner world of human beings and how people fight to succeed with seen and unseen tools,irrespective of education.Education should be blended with real life experiences of all sorts,all realities and ground level tastes of practicality.