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Friday, 16 June 2017

Perhaps No Poet got this Respect...!

Renowned Telugu poet Dr.C.Narayana Reddy (86)  passed away on  12 th of this month  and the last rites  being performed on 14th.Every human being bound to die,of course,if he was a poet of some worth,some dignitaries could send out condolence messages.Papers would place the news in some corner of its inner pages.But this time,in the state of Telengana, a poet named C.Narayana Reddy received a unique honor  both from the people and state government as well.

Chief minister K.Chandra sekhar Rao provided 100 buses  from all the corners of the state to pay the last respects to the deceased poet.And with his  own presence  unto the funeral pyre.Poet's admirers  came from far and wide.Like a king,the expired poet Reddy  has had his last rites.No poet got such sort of grand  death  procession  in the recent past.State government   promised his statue to erect at the Tank bund of Hyderabad.A prominent building too  to be named after him.

Dr.C.Narayana Reddy deserves all this without any second thought.His name was of a household  fame as a cinema  lyric writer.His style was  so unique  with enriching  Telugu language.Almost he penned  3500  lyrics.Not only  that,he authored 80 books in different literary techniques.His presence was a great  honor  in any literary meeting held in both Telugu states.Ghajals  were introduced  by him in Telugu.His  writings  translated  into 12 Indian languages  apart from English.

Dr.Reddy was a professor,Vice-Chancellor,Poet,Balladeer and enchanting orator.His speech  emanates the beauty of Telugu.Viswambhara,his magnum opus won prestigious  Jnaana Peeth  award in  1988.Also served as  a Rajya sabha  member.Padma Vibhushan was  received for his outstanding contribution in literature.He led many orgs for  his credit.With his demise,there was a chord of sadness stricken  in every Telugu  poetry lover.May his soul rest in peace.