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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Other side of the police

Today news paper "Sakshi" daily brought me an enthusiastic item.Manchiryal and Peddapalli though small towns, came up for an illustrious thing.The insane and destitute street beggars and ill fate stricken ones were picked up by police yesterday, this time not for any crime but to help them.
The police made them clean shaven and well dressed and they had been sent to helping centers.A real humanitarian gesture indeed.It will give inspiration for more in the future.Ramagundam police commissioner Mr.Vikramji Duggal took the initiative for all these good Samaritan work.May God bless him.My blog salutes the great work behalf of all Telangana state.

Above news depicts the way they helped the people who were suffering from mental health problems.Mostly these have been abondoned by nearest relatives by letting them throw to their fate on to streets.Are we not aware of those kind of people ,often with no cloths..!There are NGO s for the sake of name and donations but how many keep doing the real service in the matter of street wondering mad people,who knows that once upon a time they could also have led   sane lives like normal human beings.