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Sunday, 25 September 2016

One simple mistake costs a life

We all knew that Kavery river judgement of the apex court triggered a massive riots and burnings of the buses and shops of Tamil origin in the state of Karnataka.It is also a fact that this row had been coming for 120 years and not a recent one.You see what happened in the month of september 2016, that too in the second and third weeks of it,almost 56 buses set ablaze in protest apart from vandalizing of properties of Tamil origin.I am neither from Karnataka nor from Tamil nadu.But as an Indian from some other state like Telangana writing it since a bus no way related to this problem burnt to charred not only that a boy of aged 3 years named by Vikas from Tanuku lost his life.

Do you know how..? The bus was coming from Shirdi to Hyderabad (16 th of this month) and while this journey reached to Humnabad of Karnataka,some unknown mob rushed and set this bus afire,that was early in the morning ,so as soon as heat comes nearer all the people got down in hurry except one boy aged only three,sleeping in his comfort,alas,lost his life for the unmerciful flames set by agitators .His name was Vikas belonged to Tanuku of Andhra pradesh.Tell me in which way he was responsible to the problem..and do the perpetrators scotfree at their will..if it is so..what kind of country we are living's no way lesser than primitive society ,even there also an innocent could not have been killed like it.

The registration was also written on the bus as T.S. (Telangana State) Instead of T.N. ..,it was mistaken by the mob  as a Tamil Nadu bus,how knowledges the people were even at the boarder of Telangana but lies in Karnata.This case has to be taken as sue moto by the courts ,and innocent children to be protected from this sort of mad attempts.A lesson to be learnt from this incident ,not only Karnataka people but also all Indian citizens particularly in rash movements.