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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Malati Chandur ...a rare connoisseur

Malati Chandur was a writer with many special talents. A Telugu woman writer for outside people.But she had achieved  her own place in the world of Telugu literature by choosing a rare form.That's answering her readers in her unique style.Not one year or ten years...she gave answers and solutions to the people almost 50 years.Andhra Prabha (weekly) carried out her answers under the caption of "Pramadaavanam".

The lady was renowned as a walking encyclopedia in her own life time.She never confined to any particular area of knowledge in answering her readers.We must remember an important thing here that  most of her work had been done when internet not prevalent in India.She had also written many novels,stories and other forms of  literature.She introduced almost 300 English classics to the Telugu people in synopsis.All these were printed in the monthly of Swati under the heading of "Paata kerataalu"(Waves of yester years).

Whatever be the question it related to Economics,commerce,astronomy,literature,politics or personal problems or any other national or international query ...she would answer it in a lucid style.Most of her answers to the readers came out in volumes of books.Malati chandur imparted general knowledge,practical thinking and love for learning through her answers.Sometimes those were acted as  experienced guides. Showed way in the gloominess of  life itself. Thus she got number of hard core fans.

Malati chandur got many laurels like Kendriya Sahitya Acaemy award,State sahitya academy awrd,Rajalakshmi foundation award, honorary Doctarate from Padmavati mahila university and the list goes on.She used to attribute her success to her husband N.R.Chandur.He always encouraged  to read and write extensively all the way.He was mostly identified by her wife's suffix name among innumerable Telugu readers.

Malati Chandur died on 22 August 2013 at the age of 84.