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Friday, 15 November 2013

It's Almost FREE....!

Did you ever receive a copy of NBT news letter..?How did  it happen to reach you..?Every month,NBT(National Book Trust,India) news letter has been coming to my address without fail.In fact,I never subscribed it but once,some years back,I have sent one of my published books to them for the purpose of  review.

Since then,they started to send me the news letter.It is very useful and interesting publication for book lovers indeed.You will find small introductory notes about their published books in every issue.Apart from that,news is covered on book fair schedules,meet with writers and other happenings with NBT.Interested publishers or writers could apply for stalls in time with the help of announcement.One would like it for it's design,eye catching and colorful photos too.

Now,It's nominal subscription is Rs.5-00 for 12 issues.I am sure you will like it.Try to have it by post ..It's just like some fun with a meaningful purpose.