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Monday, 18 May 2015

Education : A Big Business now

S.S.C or tenth class results announced in Telangana yesterday,maybe done shortly in Andhra too.We have to reckon both Telugu states in one stretch as they are interwined in many issues.Common capital city also Hyderabad for the both states.Lot of jubilance among the passed candidates but the parents are on the verge of choosing the right college for their siblings.Plus two is the gateway of many avenues,on which important factor well known to the buyer and seller getting ready to their conclusions.

Now,education is the biggest business than any other.Corporate giants like Sri Chaitanya and Narayana institutions will do hundreds of crores turn over each year in plus two segment only.These have high schools,intermediate colleges,medical and engineering colleges along with all profitable courses.

They provide coaching packages for intermediate students for IIT,JEE,AIEEE,EAMCET,BITSAT,VIT and what not..?each year they almost take 70 thousand rupees per student.And there are many kinds of packages like long term,short term either for one test or any other jointly..all these determine the fee structure.These coaching giants spreaded to other states like Tamil nadu,Karnataka and Delhi,Jharkhand,Rajasthan,Madhya pradesh,Chattis garh and so on.Altogether some hundreds of branches with crores of turn over like any other industry.

You might doubt something like whether there are any students having won a seat in IIT or any other without having taken coaching here in the coaching centres, certainly there will be ,but they do not have publicity,sometimes the coaching centres buy the students of that sort for their publicity.

Parents have also their part in flourishing these kind of institutions.They want their children got seats in some prestigious colleges,so they are ready for throwing money like crazy people.In fact hardly 1 to 5 percent  only getting successful in the race.Remaining are just paying whopping amount to the managements.

Do you know who is the Minister of Education for Andhra pradesh.? None other than the chairman of Narayana institutions.