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Saturday, 8 July 2017

Drug Racket Facts

This week turned all parents of school children of  Hyderabad  in to a dilemma as if they are really meant for studies or easy access for drugs..!Racket busted by the police revealed shocking facts.25  international schools along with 10 colleges  came up with the list of students to have used the high end drugs such as LSD and MDMA.How it was possible..? The drug dealers established perfect network around the target places.With small outlets selling other goods,drugs were being sold to the children who were mostly rich and could afford it.Parents were used to give them huge sums as pocket money.In other cases,debit and credit cards  of the parents have been used by children.

This is the first time of its kind in Hyderabad involving school children in the dope issue.Almost the number goes up to 2000.Separate helpline  was established by the police.Techies and college students are another group who were also in the habit of using the drugs.Some film people are said to be involved in this but names yet to be announced.Ten drug dealers have been  arrested so far.Calvin Mascaren , a native of Mangalore,who was working in an MNC bank  of Hyderabad was the  chief operator as  per the info of the police.The kingpin behind this racket  is yet to  probe out.

All the drug seized is about  the worth of Rs.35 lakh.Scale and size of this kind of happening is new to the pearl city.Peddlers used different techniques to attract the customers.Whatsapp group creation is one of them.Candidate who wanted the stuff would msg it in  a code language.Best of the episode is no sexual abuse is reported as of know.Let's  see how the bottom of the murky affair would appear in the coming days.