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Friday, 8 November 2013

Childhood Friendship..!

We often see and get amazed how  childhood friends on our silver screen behave when they met after grown-up ones.They hop,hug,cut silly jokes loudly and they keep continuing that behaviour all along their lives. It looks good on the screen.But is it always happening with the majority cases of friendships in the real world.

At high school level or college level,our friends are our world we could not bear a thought of separating at any cost.We believe our world would be empty without our bosom friends.We go to cinemas,tours,entertainment places together.We even fight for our friends get damaged our body parts too.We also share deep secrets.

In most cases I observe ,when we grow older,especially after getting married our world would become different.Our priorities would become different.Even our so called bosom friends would go as if they unnoticed our existence even we are seen in the bazar or elsewhere.

They can not spare time as their lives now fill with other goals and preferences.Sometimes that can be money,fame or other materiel ..!Hypocracy creeps in to mind.'What the use of this guy' sort of behaviour prevails.As human being is growing,the ego too too keeps growing.That's the real problem.Anyway,we should not take it as enmity or offence,because this is play of  the ego..! That's it..!