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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Call Money and Sex Rocket busted in Andhra Pradesh

Call money and sex scam rocked the ground of residual Andhra Pradesh state and still reverberating through many walks of life.It's a brand new business for the state because of its own  special features.The greedy syndicate comprised of many people from the ruling Telugu Desam party,ranging from legislators to party workers.Not to be surprised by having hand in gloves with the police as their helping hand in need.The syndicate financed many people on highest rate of interest for the short period.People Failing refund the taken in the said period were beaten and forced women to sleep with the people recommended by them.They had sent the women to their protectors and helpers to please them.So that they would get further benefits from them.All this big scam unearthed when a woman complained the police of Vijayawada as she was forced to pay Rs.6 lakhs for her loan of Rs.1.5 lakh.

Many new and surprising things came up on a probe.The entire plan behind the scam master minded by some people who were very closer to the top brass of ruling party.And mostly names linked with the community that Chief minister Chandra babu naidu hailed from.In and outside Assembly opposition and ruling party met with loggerheads.Roja,a lady legislator from YSRCP was suspended for one year as she was said to be uttered the unparliamentory words.

On this occasion,most of the money lendors who were no way linked with the scam had been raided.Efforts are under progress to dilute the issue.Papers like Eenadu and Sakshi have taken  their usual  stand.Media mainly controlled by these two sections in Andhra and unfortunately the truth always was hidden to a corner due to their own petty interests.It is a well known fact all over the state.Andhra is so notorious for its political corruption since a long time.We could see now billioneers in politics were once upon a time well known paupers.Caste plays vital role in the state,if one belongs some caste will be supported by the caste people so blindly without any second thought.