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Saturday, 25 March 2023

One daily habit to change and more

 One daily habit I want to change is seeing my Whatsapp updates many times in a day. Almost it has become unchangeable on my part because if I didn't see it for a couple of hours, I would feel losing something valuable in my life. Or abruptly and unconsciously my hands keep fumbling for the handset to hit the button of Whatsapp icon to check what fresh messages have arrived for me. I tried many times, to get over the habit.

Unfortunately all my efforts have proved futile so far. But I definitely change this habit someday. Of course, I can not say when it happens. Recently one of my subtle attitudes seems to be given some positive result. Do you know what's that..? I am intentionally leaving my mobile phone at home when I am going outside, say, almost some hours keeping myself out of whatsapp and which gave me confidence that I would pull off with the die hard habit.

Too much of e-book reading on the mobile is also not good for our eye health. This is my personnel experience. Anyhow, step by step I am heading for my goal of minimal mobile watch time. Especially Whatsapp updates always on its prime. Most of the messages via whatsapp are not so important for my life and no potential loss as well.

And A Habit to be proud of is news paper reading. Everyday I check two news papers to ascertain different facts. These days, almost every news paper supports it's own political agenda. In our Telugu states, no paper is there without having such affliation. Eenadu keeps batting for Telugu desam party while Sakshi daily for YSRCP. So is with English dailies too. Our discretion is always should be there what to trust or not.

Note : Written for # One daily habit you want to change and another you are proud of or Write a poem inspired by nature # Blogchatter Blog Hop.

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