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Friday, 24 July 2015

Bhajarangi Bhaijaan Movie Review

The picture I have seen recently is Bhajarangi...worth saying a few words about it for its qualities of making.Salman comes here with truly a different flick despite of his usual macho-image.In fact he underplayed to uplift the entire movie as a result audience say a thumbs up.An innocent and do good Bhajarang devotee  turned out to be a bridge between the two countries who always get in to verbal and non verbal assaults at every given and possible time...though they are suffering from many problems inside them regarding the standards of people's life.

The cardinal story point is an innocent Pakistani (for us P.O.K.) little girl who happened to be missed in India in a tour while visiting with her parents.Further she is a dumb girl..Then Bhajarangi shouldered the responsibility of her to make  meet her parents in the country of Pakistan.Getting in to America is easier than going to Pakistan for the reasons we knew better.So the hero got it done ..!How it got possible..What situations has he crossed over...This is all about the story.

Screen presentation of the story is perfect and which made people to see it without any boredom.Salman Khan as Bhajarang is apt and came out with wonderful performance.Kareena  is o.kay.Sharat Saxena and all other cast are suitable.As Pakistan Journalist Siddique steals the show.Especially the little girl Harshaali Malhotra is wonderful.Music added pep to get the movie enjoyed.Photography just awesome.Director Kabir Khan attempted it in a successful way.