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Monday, 22 August 2016

Are we not caste obsessed ...?

There in Rio, Sindhu was sweating for winning the game,but here in India ,no,not only in here around, Kuwait,Bahrain,UAE, and many other countries we people were so busy with searching her caste through google search.What a great enthusiasm over the issue,Telugu people are a bit more anxious in knowing caste of others ,what to say,when the person made a remarkable achievement at world level.Each caste interested to own her .Why this hullabaloo all over Telugu people,there has been a series of interesting reasons behind the zeal which requires volumes to write.

Frankly speaking, almost the phenomena is prevalent throughout our country.As India runs by caste in almost every sector be it politics,business and sports and what not every part is being influenced by it,everybody speaks high values but in action vice versa,why the double standards rule our lives..? In rural areas,people ask directly what caste one belongs to,but in urban arenas,a bit polished play goes on,through surname,features,relations all these to be tested to know about it,a subtle way ,you know.And now this is the age of net and which can be used to it and that's what happened on this occasion.

Is it not possible appreciating one's talent without knowing the caste..? What all these high jargon of modern education mean by then,no way different from an illiterate  one who was superstitious in every possible way.When our tricky mindset would get better ..?! The national level media highlighted the issue to the core and unfortunately for all the wrong reasons .Sakshi Mallick and Deepa Karmakar were also being googled from different regions,for the same information.

Sindhu came back today to Hyderabad and got grand welcome.Andhra Pradesh announced 3 crore prize money,in retort,Telangana announced 5 crore to beat the latter,and of course other incentives are also announced from both hemispheres,this is another game in the political front.After bifurcation,the two Telugu states start trying to outwit opposite one in every case possible.The result at last came as a shock that Sindhu 's father hailed from Telangana and mother came from Andhra region.And their's is an inter caste marriage ...Rest in peace caste obsessed brains...!!!