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Saturday, 1 October 2016

A Scandal in Bohemia

Sherlocks Holmes stories ,however, do not  require any new  introduction as they had been their own place in the sphere of  investigation. Cap,pipe and the mirror in the hand, all these would appear before us.Dr. Watson, assistant of Holmes also never fails to remind his witty conversation.Author Sir Arthur Conan Doyal is said to be not so popular when compared to his principal character ,that's the doting point to note.I don't know about others,for me,Holmes character was pretty known right from my childhood,and not exposed to its author.Is it happened to others..or only the case with me,I don't know..!

Recently flipped through the series of the stories.The story 'A Scandal in Bohemia' appealed to me for its interesting narrative.Plot was simple,Bohemian prince came to Sherlocks Holmes one day in disguise with a secret affair to be solved.He met an Opera singer Irene Adler in Warsaw,had a good time with her,not only that they got photographed too.That became a problem for him as he desired and engaged with a scandinavian princess.He was told it to be redirected to him on the day of his marriage,that could become a great obstacle for his marital life.So he asked Holmes to grab the photo at any cost,offered his provincial part as a gift in return.But our Super detective cleverly asked him to pay his present expences in cash,who knows what could happen once it got solved afterwards.

Holmes and his confidant Watson reached to the house of Irene and with their super plan got to know that the photograph was being so safe in a corner but was not possible to steal it eventually because of time constraint.In a shadowy place of the  street some unknown person wished them good night,first they had not recognised the person but it was none other than Irene Adler,the opera singer.They were conned by her wits.At last,Holmes appreciated her intelligence.

The illustrations created for the story are so apt and gave a chance to the reader to imagine the real characters how they could possibly be in real life,they provided life for the words all through the book.Let's talk about another story in the next post.