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Wednesday, 23 August 2017

A Review on " Sita-Warrior of Mithila"

Amish is known for his Shiva trilogy and with its success might have gone for Ramachandra series.The second book in the succession is Sita-Warrior of Mithila.The cover page itself indicates that Sita was portrayed in a different way in the book.A flamboyant kind.Yes,true.We see entirely a rebellion sort of character while comparing traditional one which created by Valmiki.In fact,it could be said as a mythological fiction based on Sita character.

There was an amazing point.Sita was a form of Vishnu like other important rescuers.Did you ever thought of it..? Hanuman was introduced to her before her marriage during the days of receiving education from a Gurukul.Sita is a fighter and a prudent princess.Viswamitra was the chief of Malayaputras.And he had his own secret mission.Mind boggling style of story telling.Author took up each character from Ramayana and made them queer with his own fables.

Narrative is weak,sometimes boring.If you have any respect for Ramayana,better skip it.Valmiki or any sage- poet had done some work in point of their view keeping their contemporary times.Why shouldn't we leave them to their fate instead of doing this kind of circus ..?Name it howsoever you like,it's gross injustice to the original writer.I mentioned very few in the book.Felt my money was wasted on a over-hyped useless book.

In brief, this is a broken work,neither mythological nor intriguing fiction.It's a true war, finishing the book.I don't imagine "Ravan" in offing.If  any youth of present day reads it ,let them not go away with it as a standard text of the Ramayana.Because the names in it have every chance for the slur.