Tuesday, 25 April 2023

YouTube sensation


#Y For YouTube

Youtube channel is the easiest way to reach out. Whatever content you are with can be shared by outside world. The visual world in short. How simple it became to shoot your chosen action at your finger tips and spread the content even by putting it in our status of whatsapp. If it's good, it can go to the places where you never think in our wildest dreams. Small time artists achieved big success irrespective of the language the video was made of. 

One such example is "bullettu bandi" video song given in this post. Though the song is in Telugu (Telangana slang), it has been a super hit crashing all language barriers. Singer was Mohana Bhogaraju with base tone entered almost all states in our country by having 368 Millions of views. Comments poured by the viewers tell us many things. If the song and the way it conceived is appealing, every music lover listens it again and again. In fact, the theme of this song is very simple, just describing the dreams of a village girl and the bondage with the place and her parents and relatives.

Go through the song. You just love it.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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