Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Nandyal To Markapur : Some Glimpses

All these three pics were of a  journey from Nandyal to Markapur, Andhra Pradesh.Nallamala  forest range  is well known to its green exuberance and waterfalls.Of course not to say about  exotic birds and animals.My bus journey allows me to have these from the windows.You can have the glance of feeble sight  of  a long road from the branches.

In the second picture, a monkey was seeing towards the bus.The bus was moving on a height of  the hillock,road made for the vehicles.And it enables us to see enchanting overview.There were many monkeys but keep themselves busy  with their routine activities.So only one was caught  in the picture.

This  was also part of  the forest of Nallamala.With rocky mountains and greenery. A bit sad that most of the real deep forest was not on our way to behold.These areas were said to be the dens of tigers,I don't know there were any  now.Telugu movies abundantly captured the beauties of  these locations.