Thursday, 4 May 2023

Invincible Music Composer

 Invincible Music Composer

I am taking this opportunity to write a few words about Ilayaraaja, a great south Indian music composer. He excelled all boundaries with his film music and there are innumerable fans across all India. Of course, he has given concerts on the prestigious platforms like Albert hall in London. At the same time, he has given sizzling music to the films, prominently Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada movies. And few Hindi movies like Sadma. He has great fanbase almost in every south Indian state. It's very rare having such fanbase as a popular film hero usually does have. 

What makes him so special ? With what quality of music composition he gained that iconic position..? Well, his forte is experimentation, newness, variety whatever you say. Ilayaraaja brought that with his very first film, In Tamil Annakili and in Telugu Bhadrakali. In fact, I started listening to Tamil movie songs for enjoying his way of composition. Whatever the instrument, that sounds with his own signature. Orchestration fills with experimentation. Chorus in the songs is heavenly. I can give you number of examples but one post is not sufficient for it only.

In his 45 years of film music life, composed 7000 songs. Folk , classical,  Western and many other traditions have happily blended in his compositions. In my opinion, In Indian film music, his entry influenced many music directors. We better compare it as after and before Ilayaraaja. I won't give the account of my favorite songs here. Because there is nothing I dislike whatever come from him. Anyway I will post a video of some of his ever lasting compositions.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Wednesday, 26 April 2023

Z.Veerabhadra puram

 Z For Z. Veerabhadra puram

I have surprised when I first heard the name of that village. Z.Veerabhadra puram. Why did the prefix Z get included in the village's name..? That village situated in a remote area of Bhadrachalam division. Before 1959, all this area was in the part of East Godavari district of Andhra pradesh. Later on, which had been a part of Khammam district. With bifurcation, this place got into Telangana state. Inter state border villages have a strange advantage with surfacing two kinds of cultures and accents.

Well, let me tell you about the Z story. In the time of British ruling, say, before 1940s, some villages were auctioned to the public to procure revenue. Only Zamindars who belonged to upper strata could secure such villages by paying auction money. It was then called Zamindar Veerabhadra puram, briefly Z. Veerabhadra puram. Interestingly, there is another village beside it and which is called K.Veerabhadra puram. K is for Koya, the local tribe's name. Here I am giving you two pics that will lead to both the villages.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Tuesday, 25 April 2023

YouTube sensation


#Y For YouTube

Youtube channel is the easiest way to reach out. Whatever content you are with can be shared by outside world. The visual world in short. How simple it became to shoot your chosen action at your finger tips and spread the content even by putting it in our status of whatsapp. If it's good, it can go to the places where you never think in our wildest dreams. Small time artists achieved big success irrespective of the language the video was made of. 

One such example is "bullettu bandi" video song given in this post. Though the song is in Telugu (Telangana slang), it has been a super hit crashing all language barriers. Singer was Mohana Bhogaraju with base tone entered almost all states in our country by having 368 Millions of views. Comments poured by the viewers tell us many things. If the song and the way it conceived is appealing, every music lover listens it again and again. In fact, the theme of this song is very simple, just describing the dreams of a village girl and the bondage with the place and her parents and relatives.

Go through the song. You just love it.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Monday, 24 April 2023

Xanadu Hotel

 #X for Xanadu 

First, I came across this (Xanadu) word in a novel written by Mario Puzo. Title "Fools Die", published around 1978. Xanadu was a luxurious hotel in Las Vegas where gambling was in full swing. I thought that word Xanadu was derived from some European language. But to my amazement the word belonged to Mangolian background. Xanadu was the summer capital of Kublai Khan's empire in China. Xanadu denotes an  opulent and luxurious place. But got more popular by the writings of Samuel Taylor.

In the novel, Four Gamblers like Cully Cross, John Merlyn, Jordan and other one met  in the hotel and made fortunes in the gambling one night. The same night Jordan committed suicide after having earned more money. His suicide was not of any foul play. There were many twists and all they are worth reading. Xanadu hotel boss Gronovelt was on a different mission to swindle more money from a Japanese business tycoon. He offered Xanadu hotel to his manager on one condition which was in part of his master plan. That's how story would be going on.

----- Murthy Kvvs 

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Sunday, 23 April 2023


 #W For Watermelon 

Summer arrived. With changing seasons, some fruits follow the law of nature to come in the particular season. If we understand rightly, nature provides us seasonal fruits. They will do good for our body and mind. That's why having the fruits is one sure way to keep up our sound health. Whenever summer comes, I personally like to gorge on watermelon, I love the taste, color and cool quality of the fruit. Watermelon is full of antioxidants and nutrients. Also supports us with variety of vitamins like A and C. 

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Saturday, 22 April 2023

Varkala station and beyond

Varkala station 

A few months back, When I visited Trivandrum of Kerala, got this Video using my mobile. This place in the video was Varkala and outskirts. I am not a serious vlogger but whenever time permits me ,used to take videos to upload in my channel so that there would be a chance to watch them in the future when needed. I did it during the train journey and the quality is not so bad. Hope you enjoy it.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Friday, 21 April 2023

U.G. Krishnamurthi

 #U For U.G. Krishnamurthi ( A Philosopher) 

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Thursday, 20 April 2023

Toda's Model Hut

    #T For Toda's model hut

The above is the model of Toda tribe's hut. Taken it when I visited Udagamandalam  or Ooty of Tamil nadu state. There was a large fair in the botanical gardens and it was also a part of that fair. Toda tribal people live in the Nilgiris district. They have their own distinctive culture. Be it handicrafts or cloths or food or in the matter of hut making which is evident as we're seeing in the pic. People were also purchasing some herbal medicines from the stall. This model hut was created by the state government of Tamil nadu to showcase the special entity of Nilgiris.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Wednesday, 19 April 2023

Stray Dog in front of our house

     #S For Stray Dog in front of our house

I don't have any pets for the last three decades. That doesn't mean I hate pets. I grew up a dog in my college days. It was so faithful and loving. Literally, it has become our family member. Sometimes I skipped my journeys to look after the dog, because our Tiger (Name of our dog) wouldn't eat or drink from the hands of others. That's why small sacrifices like that made by me with affection. What a beautiful scene it was our Tiger kept moving it's tail soon after seeing me not only that love plus respect both would get reflected in the kind looking eyes of our Tiger. Clueless to this very day, Our Tiger vanished one morning without making any barking sounds. It was a great mystery where our loving creature had gone. I became tearful for many days. My heart shattered. On that very day, I had taken a decision to have not grown any dogs in the future. Because bonding between the dog and the human being is greater than any other so called love. We can't withstand it's absence or death or missing for any reason.

(Our Bruce taking rest on the sandheap, brought for a wall construction) 

After all these years, a stray dog won my heart with its good behavior and discipline. Two months back (roughly) a dog was wondering in our street and when raining , it was taking a small place from our vehicle parking lot to shelter itself . It keeps aside standing whenever I started my vehicle, created no obstacle to my departure. Not only that, it stood and move aside whenever my vehicle come in. Seeing very kindly towards me. It's purely a stray dog but how gently it behaves when we have a drop of sympathy. With all our busy life, we ignore small and subtle signs of animals. In fact, humans have to learn a lot from them. Love excels all. It reminded me the Bible word.

Amused. One day I thought of its life style. That dog goes out around six o'clock in the morning. Perhaps, to fetch some rotten food somewhere on the streets. At mid day, came here to rest in our parking place (shed). After taking some hours of rest, again goes outside for perhaps meeting his friends. Exactly around seven o'clock in the evening , came back to sleep here in our shed. So leisurely thinking in a carefree posture. On  any small sound made by commuters in the night, our dog keeps sending out warning growls. So it has become a security guard on its own. One day, evening , I brought some mysuru bonda for the dog. It devoured all of them so happily. You should see the feeling of the gratitude in its beaming eyes.

Every evening, I started offering some food and water. Some people wondered when  I have been feeding the stray dog. Our dog may not be a foreign breed but one core quality is there in it. Faithfulness and respecting its feeder. A small boy asked me one day, "uncle what's your dog's name..?", I was really ashamed to have not named it till then. All of a sudden, I stammered "yes, our dog name is Bruce". This dog is a street fighter and just like a  Bruce Lee for me. Don't care what others think of it. Everyday, Our Bruce keep waiting for me for the food and a little talk. It sounds so happily whenever I talk to him. He understands simple Telugu and English words.

There are so many things to write. I keep writing whenever time permits me.

----- Murthy Kvvs

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Tuesday, 18 April 2023

Rue in French language

 #R For Rue in French Language

On the pretext of this challenge , let me recall the word Rue in French language. It's meaning Street. I have come cross this word when I had been in Pondicherry in the year of 2019. Rue Saint Gills was the name of that street , got clicked the board for fun. All you know very well, Pondy was the strong bastion of the French once upon a time. I am not going to describe all that history again. French names were seen in many places and we were helpless recalling the moments vanished in thin air. Visited Maha Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and Mother in the Ashram. Ambiance was calm and serene, well maintained educational institutions and other establishments were there. Here I am posting two pics of the place.

  Rue Saint Gills

Way to Maha Samadhi of Sri Aurobindo and Mother. 

----- Murthy Kvvs

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